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Micro Preemie Twins

The super cutest micro preemie twins are here! These are full body vinyl, anatomically correct (boy/girl) babies. They are 10.5”, and they are highly detailed. I have created a dry skin effect for them to add to their realism, so their skin is rough, patchy and has a dry appearance to it. Their hair has been painted in several layers to add a 3D effect to it. 
I have created a special package to go with these two. Since I find it so difficult to find micro preemie clothing, I made my own! I made little NICU wraps, and matching cloth diapers for each of them! (Both the wrap and diaper have adjustable Velcro closures). I also made each their own little bracelet, and to top it off - a couple of miniature Charm Chompers for each of them! They will also include bottles and little rattles for each. 
These twins were created with the utmost love. They are only $400 for the pair, or $225 apiece.