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Tootie the Clown

Step right up and check out the cutest new reborn clown! This sad little clown was abandoned at the circus and would love to be adopted by someone who is looking for something completely different and unique in the reborn world! This is Tootie. She is 20” and has stunning pink sparkly eyes, and rooted hair in ombré shades of pink, yellow and hints of purple. This doll has super cute shiny colorful boots in lieu of feet that have been given a pearlized overcoat. Her face paint has also been given a shiny pearl overcoat. Her fingernails have been painted in rainbow colors as well! She takes a magnetic pacifier and one will be included with her. Tootie will arrive home in her multicolored hand knit dress with matching headband, and her circus elephant doll (precious moments) is included as well! She is $345 and I offer payment plans.

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