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    Welcome To Our Members Only Community!

Depending on the membership plan you have, some features and pages may not be available to all members.

All members on every level have access to our private discussion forum, chat feature, private member database and our Care Members Share family journal. Gold members have access to any and all other materials available, free of charge. Silver members have access to select special materials. 

At this time, there is not a huge surplus of members material available, but I will be gradually adding to and and growing what I hope will be a fun,  all informative encyclopedia and playground to go to for any and everything reborn related!

My intention is to create a SAFE and LOVING environment for all of our Care Club Members! When you are here, this is your family. We all treat each other with the utmost respect and kindness. Bullying and rudeness will NOT be tolerated. I want to provide an environment where you can totally be yourself, and feel free to discuss and share anything and everything reborn related! We would love to see photos or videos of your Carried Away Cuties Babies to display on our special "Family Album" page! We would love to hear stories about your babies, whether that be fun role playing or real life experiences, and to fully and whole-heartedly immerse yourself into your exciting new (or veteran!) role as a reborn mom! After all, this is the entire purpose of having a reborn in the first place - to have fun and bring us joy and a sense of community! 

The drop down menu in the "Members Only" section is where you will find a menu of all available content. I would also LOVE to hear your voices! Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas, whether it be for content material, features, resources you'd like to have access to, site improvement ideas, or anything reborn related! I'm open to hearing all of your thoughts, as this environment is being created solely for YOUR personal fun and enjoyment!

As an aside, please bear with me - I have spent my entire adult life (20 + years) as a homemaker and mom; technology is not exactly my strongest suit LOL! I am fairly new to learning all of the aspects of running everything involved in the technological world of this business. Please have patience with me as I iron out all the kinks, and we will have an amazing journey together full of love, light, and joy!