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Cutie Clips!

Have fun browsing through our new line of pacifier clips for your reborn baby! Cutie clips come in all different colors and sizes, and we will always be adding more to our collection! Cutie clips are handmade and NOT intended for real infants - but they are a perfect accessory to give your reborn baby a super adorable fashion statement all their own! Which clip matches your reborn's personality best? 

Pacifier clips are only $4.95 each! 

I can also make custom orders or add your baby's name on them for only $2 extra. Shipping for all orders of accessories is a flat $7.90 per order, no matter the quantity.

To order, please send me a message and include the numbers and/or name of the clips you would like. I can send specific clips or you can receive a surprise package of random clips (please let me know your baby's gender if you choose this option). Give your baby his/her own personalized look! 

Available Cutie Clips

1. Ribbit
2. Snowstorm
3. Pumpkin Patch
4. Playtime With Pooh
5. Birdie
6. Gumballs
7. Galaxy
8. Jammin Tunes
10. Choo Choo
11. Woof
13. Dolphin Fun
14. Christmas
15. Pink Paradise
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16. Woodstock
17. Silver and Gold
18. Blue Sparkle
19. Pink Horse
20. Purple Horse
21. Star Bright
22. Purple Passion
23. Halloween Theme
25. Sunshine
26. Orange Hearts
27. Trains and Planes
28. Dopey
29. Halloween Pumpkin
30. Hoot for Halloween
35. Candy Cane
36. Stocking
37. Christmas Tree
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20. Purple Horse