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Note: At this time premium membership plans are only available within the continental USA. While we are working on accepting credit card payments, Paypal is the only form of payment we can accept at this time.


 Full Benefit Descriptions:

1. Monthly "Carried Away Cares" Package For You and Your Baby:

*Each month you will received a custom made Care package for you and your baby. I will be personally shopping specifically for YOUR baby (or babies), and will be trying my best to get you the most bang for your buck. Items can be brand new or gently used; gently used allows me to provide you with a larger value, however if you prefer only brand new items please specify that to me on your profile form. Packages can include anything that I feel is appropriate for the age and gender of your baby. Examples of items can include things such as clothing (outfits, dresses, onesies, pajamas, etc.), accessories (caps, socks, headbands, hand mitts, etc.), shoes, diapers, blankets, toys, bottles, stuffed animals or loveys, etc. I may surprise you with a unique find, or even a gift meant to pamper yourself every now and then! I absolutely love putting together surprise packages, and I do my best to focus on value and what I myself would be excited to receive. I cannot accept returns, exchanges or refunds on packages. I would lose my mind if I did that with everybody, and it would leave me with no time for creating your precious babies! If you are unhappy with a package you may let me know and I will attempt to suit your taste more precisely the next time. Hopefully as we proceed I will learn more and more about your preferences and become your personal shopping Jeeves! :) Dollar value for each package is not guaranteed either. Again, I am only one person and I cannot do precise calculations as I am shopping for each individual person's baby. Your package may be a slightly higher or lower value from one month to the next, but my goal is to provide you with a package with a value of at least $50, if not more. (Keep in mind that I am paying for your shipping costs as well, which will cost me at least $15-20 per each package shipped.) 

*Packages will be a complete surprise! You will be given a detailed customer profile form to fill out all about your baby's information, as well as any personal preferences you have, what you like and don't like, any colors, characters or themes that you'd like me to keep my eye out for. You can request specific types of items, brands, or whatever, and I will do my best to accommodate requests, but Care Package content is NOT guaranteed.

*Packages will be shipped towards the end of each month, so you can expect to receive your package towards the end of that month or the start of the next month. For your first month of membership this might be different, as it all depends on how early or late in the month it is. For example, if you sign up on, say, the 27th, you might receive your first package fairly quickly. If you sign up on the 3rd you will have to wait a few weeks for the arrival of your first package. (Bear in mind that this is only for the first month of your membership; after that your packages will be on a regular shipping schedule.)

*You may cancel your membership at ANY time, for ANY reason. However, I cannot give refunds or prorated refunds. For example, if you decide 4 days after you purchase your membership for that month that you would like to cancel your subscription, your membership is still valid until the end of that month, you will still receive your Care package and all of your benefits. You just simply will not be renewing. If you are for any reason not happy with your Care package, please let me know and discuss it with me. I truly care about what I am doing, and I TRULY care about and treasure each and every one of you! My entire goal is to put a huge smile on your face each month and for you to be thrilled and excited! If you are not happy, I am not happy, and I will be making every effort to make each month feel like Christmas for you and your baby! 

2. Monthly chance to win a reborn! (in lieu of your Care package)

 * One of the best benefits of being a Gold member is that each month I will be sending out at least one free reborn to at least one Gold member. You will not be notified; you will simply be very surprised when you open up your Care package to find a brand new baby! (It will be like winning a "Golden" ticket!) As this benefit it exclusive to Gold members, you have a higher probability of receiving a free reborn in any given month, however I cannot guarantee whether or not you will eventually receive one. (Obviously if I only have 2 Gold members, you're both in luck LOL!). What I CAN promise you is that if you have been a longstanding member and you have not won a reborn, I will be making you a priority. (Longevity and loyalty are well rewarded around here!) So if you have been a Gold member from the time I start the program, you automatically have longevity status; nobody will have been in the program any longer than you have! If, say, a year goes by and you are still a faithful member, You and whoever else may have stuck with me from the start will have a higher probability than people who are just signing up at that time. (Another benefit to starting your Gold membership sooner rather than later if you are thinking about it!)

*There will be a minimum of one reborn given away per month. It all depends on how much time I have available in that particular month, how many custom orders I've received, etc. But one per month is guaranteed.

There is no guarantee on the reborn being given away. It could be any age, and gender, any size. It could be a micro preemie or it could be a newborn. It could even be a baby that I have had in stock for a long period of time who hasn't sold; who knows; you just may receive a baby you have had your eyes set on for awhile but could not afford, or perhaps even a toddler at your doorstep someday!

3. Deep % Discount off ALL orders!

Depending on your membership level, you will be granted a permanent deep discount off ALL orders! (Yes, I said  "entire order"; if you order triplets they will ALL be discounted!).  Your membership level determines the discount rate provided to you. Gold Members receive 30% off, Silver Members receive 25% off, and basic Care Members receive 20% off. Every order, every time. If you buy even one reborn, that benefit alone more than pays for your membership fee! This a is great value that I love to give to my loyal members!

4. A Special Birthday Present! 

Every membership level also includes an even DEEPER discount for your birthday! Again, percentage of birthday discount is different for each level. You may use this benefit for your full order on ANY one day during the calendar month of your birthday. This discount is valid for use only once during your birth month; any other orders you place during that month your regular membership discount rate will still apply.  (So if you happen to sign up for your membership during your birthday month, lucky you!! Deep discount right off the bat!)

5. Special Access To Members Only Forum and Materials!

*Every level of membership grants you exclusive access to our private Members Only Discussion Forum. The discussion forum is a safe place where you can interact with other members. You can post questions, thoughts, ideas... as long as it's reborn related, you can say or ask about anything you want! You can get input, advice, and questions answered from other members or myself, wish a fellow member a happy birthday, collaborate meetups with local members, discover new ways to enjoy and interact with your baby - be creative; you can create a new thread on absolutely ANY reborn related topic you want!

*As all Care members are considered part of one big happy family, every membership level will also have access to a page of all other Care members profiles. You will each be given a profile card which you can customize with a photo of yourself or your reborn, and add any other information you'd like to share about yourself. You can follow other members, or search for a specific friend in the search bar. Badges for achievements and loyalty will be awarded as well as an upcoming feature! In addition, all members have access to a chat bar, so that you will be able to chat with each other or myself in real time any time you are logged in!

*Every membership level ALSO includes access to our private and exclusive "Care Members Share" family journal! This is a completely safe, judgement free place for you where you can chat, post pictures, videos, stories, or even made up role play stories about your adventures with your baby! Every mom of course wants to show off her own baby, and you will  also get to experience the fun and joy of getting to know about each other members and their babies as well! The idea here is for you to have a safe, fun, and judgement free environment where you can openly share your love and pride of your reborn with other people who care about and understand your passion! As this is a private and exclusive "Members Only" feature, you won't have to worry about who is going to come along and make unkind remarks, or about anyone judging or criticizing you in any way shape or form. Everybody enjoys their reborns in their own special way, and there is no one "right" way to be a reborn parent! (You may even learn and discover fun new ideas for enjoying time with your baby!) Anybody who displays an unkind spirit or makes any cruel remarks about any other member or their baby will be removed from the group and have their membership cancelled pronto, with no refunds or "using up" any unused benefits for that month. There is ZERO tolerance for bullies or meanness of any kind here! 

*This particular member benefit I am SUPER excited about! As we go along on our journey and develop our program together, there will be lots of additional bonus materials that will be gradually and continually rolled out that will be available to you. I plan to create a fun and informative library full of videos, presentations, live sessions, downloadable materials, and other valuable information regarding all things reborn as we go along! This material will be available for purchase for our basic Care Club level members and to the general public, however, depending on your membership level that is where the deal gets super awesome for you! ALL materials will ALWAYS be free and accessible for life to our Gold members! You will be able to access any videos, download any materials, and have a full world of reborn materials at your fingertips without ever paying a penny extra for it! Silver Members will have free access to select materials; I won't know until we move along and I start creating precisely which materials I will be allowing free access to for our Silver members, but there will definitely be a huge added value to you for being a V.I.P. Silver member!

 In addition, if you have any ideas or suggestions for materials that you would enjoy seeing or learning about, please feel free to send me your suggestions! This website is meant for YOU, and it is all about YOU - I want to know what my customers are interested in and what will improve your mental health and create joy and happiness in your life for you! I want to know what is important to you, and what will enhance your own life's journey via the reborn world!

6. Members Only "Surprises"!

A we go along, I will, on occasion, be doing special "Members Only" giveaways, or whatever else I spontaneously think of as a fun surprise for my most valued members! I will also be coming up with new ideas to expand and enhance our "Members Only" access pages and benefits along the way as well, providing you with greater and greater value to your already pretty spectacular membership value! The possibilities are endless! Once again, if you come up with a creative idea for special content or features, please feel free to share it! My highest aspiration is to provide as much value, love, fun and joy for each and every one of you as I possibly can, and for each of you to feel valued, loved, and truly Cared about. You've more than likely already had more than your share of trauma and hardships in your life, (which is how so many people discover the wonderful world of these adorable babies in the first place)! It's time to start healing - your heart, soul, and mind. It's time for you to start experiencing the fun and excitement that life actually has to offer you! You just need to know where to look for it. Hopefully, that place holding a special place in your heart will be here, in your new reborn family.  And of course, I will always be here to hold your hand every step of the way along your journey! 

       Love Always, Carrie - and all of the Carried Away Cuties babies!