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Custom Babies

 1. With a custom doll, you can choose a specific doll kit if you have one in mind. If you see a doll you like anywhere on my website pages I can try to replicate it with any modifications you'd like, assuming the sculpt is still available. Or you can show me a picture of what you want and I will try to find one that fits your picture as best as possible. Note that it is impossible to perfectly replicate a photo, even of a doll that I myself have previously created. I take every effort to honor your wishes as closely as I can, but no two babies are exactly alike, and neither are any two reborns. Please realize that you are not simply purchasing a doll, but a work of art, and that every artist has their own style. Requesting hair and eye color are one thing, but dictating exactly how the artist should be creating each and every stroke is quite another. 

2. If you have a photograph that you would like me to replicate, this requires me to research and find the kit that best matches your photo. As it takes quite a bit of my time to do this research, I charge a $30 non-refundable research fee for this service. If you go ahead with your purchase, this fee is applied towards the cost of your baby. If you change your mind after all of my research, that is fine, but the research fee is non-refundable. I've had too many people want a custom baby, spend hours of my time in conversation and in trying to find a perfect match, and then they decide not to follow through, so I have had to implement this policy. 

3. You can choose the following options with your custom baby:
*Awake or asleep baby
*Hair type- bald, painted, rooted, or a combination (Bald is least expensive, rooted is most expensive)
*Hair color
*Eye color (if baby is awake)
* Whether or not you'd like magnetic modification for a pacifier
* if you'd like any birthmarks, scratches, milk bumps on the nose, baby acne, or any other specific markings
*Any other special requests, as long as I can accommodate them. 

4. Custom dolls are typically completed within a week or two from the time I receive the order of materials and start on your order. This is also dependent upon wether I have a current waiting list. Time is a bit shorter if I have your specific materials and kit already on hand and do not have to wait for the materials to be delivered. The time it takes varies; babies that are bald are completed much more quickly than ones with hair, etc.
Custom orders are put as a priority over my regular babies as far as completion order. I try to get your baby to you as soon as I can, as I know you are anxious to receive him/her!

5. You are welcome to be part of the process, with photos and updates as your baby is created, or you can choose to be surprised and see the baby's photos once completed. (Or wait until you receive it and be surprised when you open the box!) 
If you have placed a down payment and for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your finished baby, you are not obligated to complete your purchase. I cannot, however, refund your deposit or any payments already made.

6. The price of a custom baby is different with each doll, depending on which kit is used, whether the baby has hair, whether the baby needs eyes, etc. An average price range is around $495-$595 with rooted hair. This is an average estimate; please ask for the cost of your specific baby once you have decided on all of the details you would like. 

Toddlers take much longer to create, and cost more than a standard size reborn. Again, it depends on the sculpt you want, hair, etc. We can discuss the exact pricing when we discuss the details of your order. 

I hope this answers all of your questions! If there is anything that I have not addressed, please send me a message :) 


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