Reborn Pacifiers

These magnetic pacifiers have been created especially for reborn dolls! The pacifiers are made with a felt pocket on the back, which will come with a free magnet inside of it. Since reborn babies can be polarized differently, this allows you to simply flip the magnet around if it is not already aligned to work with your baby. You can choose to leave the pocket open (this way the pacifier can be used for another doll that may be polarized differently), or you can choose to glue the top flap of the pocket closed if you so desire. 

I have created 2 types of pacifiers - standard pacifiers, and "bling" pacifiers, which have been hand crafted with gems and jewels to add a little sparkle to your baby! Shipping for pacifiers is $8.20 no matter the quantity ordered, and I do combine shipping for all of my accessory orders, so feel free to mix and match! 

As these pacifiers do have accessible magnets in them, please keep them away from children!  Neodymium magnets are especially strong, and can be very dangerous if a child (or pet!) swallows them. 


Pocket with reversible magnet included!


Bling Pacifiers