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Each baby has their own link with all photos and information in the drop down menu. Most babies can come as either gender and some are photographed as both versions, so please be sure to look at them all! :) 
Most,(but not all) babies include a box opening and that information should be stated in the listing. Sometimes (usually with fantasy babies) only specific items are included and those items will be stated in the listing.  Most listings will state what is included with each baby; if you are not sure please feel free to ask what is included. Please note that photo props and photography outfits are not included.  
***Please be sure to review our purchase policies 

Shipping:Shipping charges vary based on the size and weight of your baby. Typical charges range around $30-50; larger and heavier babies will be a bit more, while preemies will be slightly less.
 NEW! Don't need or want a box opening with your baby? I am now offering FREE SHIPPING to customers choosing to have their babies sent sans a box opening! This is a great way for collectors who already have everything they need for their reborns to save a good amount of money! If you would like this option, please let me know when you place your order and your shipping fee will be waived. This offer only applies to orders within the USA. Offer does not apply to already reduced budget babies.  

 Reborns Available To Adopt

Fantasy and Animal Babies

This section is for all sorts of animal or fantasy babies! Monkeys, dragons, piglets, elves, fairies, or even monster babies - you will find all sorts of interesting one of a kind creations here! 

Cuddle Babies

Introducing our brand new Cuddle Babies! Cuddle Babies are reborn dolls that have full cloth bodies instead of vinyl limbs. People sometimes prefer cuddle babies for children, seniors, or just for those who want that soft snuggle factor! Our cuddle babies have special one of a kind handcrafted flannel bodies with a variety of adorable prints on them! The great thing about these adorable bodies is that you don't even need to dress your baby - the body looks as though the baby is wearing a cuddly blanket sleeper! (Of course, we all love to dress our babies, so they will also come home wearing a nice outfit!) 

Cuddle babies are also a less expensive reborn option as well! Because of their extremely low prices, Cuddle Babies do not include full box openings. However, each Cuddle Baby will arrive home with the outfit they are wearing (including diaper), a magnetic pacifier (if they take one; most do!), and a blanket. You can also add on any of our adorable accessory items as well - these babies just love our Charm Chomper toys!

Another great thing about Cuddle Babies is that I am offering FREE SHIPPING on them!! (So the prices listed below are your full purchase price!)

We hope you enjoy collecting our adorable Cuddle Babies as much as our regular reborn dolls! 

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